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July 13, 2009


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Have you ridden a Taga? I have a, used to own a Fietsfabriek, and have test ridden a Cabby and a Taga (and umpteen other family bikes). The Taga was so much worse to ride than the others, it's not true. If you get to test ride one, make sure you try it on the sort of paths and roads you'll use it on everyday. I rode it on some of the less-than-perfect paths around Cambridge, and the tiller controls (it doesn't have a normal handlebar, just a linked tiller control for each wheel) were just awful.

IMO, it's a pretty thing to look at, and it looks well built, it's just grim to ride. If the Cabby feels too long, have you tried the shorter Cargobike? It's real nippy.


good to know! I haven't ridden a Taga yet, only saw it and was amazed. I can imagine it might ride a bit different. I think I'll have to be like Goldilocks trying out loads of carriage bikes now!!!

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