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August 22, 2011


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Lindsey (Urban Mums)

Oh, I am SO happy for you! What great news.

"nothing worth it in this life comes easily"... so true. i can sense your gratitude and am really excited for you.

congrats, congrats, congrats!!!!!!


{just wrote a superlong comment and forgot to enter the code...grrr}

anyway.... Congratulations!!!
I am not in that situation but do have a lot of friends with the same problem, its hard... and sometimes I just dont know if I should be happy (over my own family) or sad (because of the same)...know what I mean?

I love your friends saying, it is so true!

Glad you are now in happy circumstances and I am wishing you a relaxed bump time :)

PS: Be happy you are in Holland and do not have to deal with heat and bump...haha

lots of love from Amsterdam


What great news! Congratulations and all the best for those exciting weeks in front of you! I think it is very curageous to be so open about your way to pregnancy and although I'm not affected myself I made the experience with a couple of friends of mine that sharing and reaching out is indeed the best way to deal with this. And the saying is so true, love it!
xoxo, Melanie


Yay, Yay, Yay!


qué linda noticia!


Oh Shuka Luka what wonderful news! Many congratulations to you & MrS. What an exciting time - how on earth did you manage to keep quiet for so long? Hope you're feeling well and finding time to rest and enjoy yourself. *big happy face*. xxx


It wasn't easy for us, years of struggling. Feeling less of a woman - I surely know that feeling.
fertility treatment, getting through a ectopic pregnancy, but then suddenly, he was there in my tummy growing. Still is. <3

PS a friend of my told me that the best kids are the one that takes a while to arrive/make.

Good luck - do hope everything will go well.


Wonderful news Jos - can't wait to see which little soul chose to come and live at Shak Shuka x


What a great news, congrats!


No one ever told us that the 'art' of having children is difficult when we were younger. Now we all know someone in our surroundings that experiences difficulties. We shouldn't say 'we're not going to get children until.....'. You don't GET them, you hope to be lucky enough to become a parent.
I think it is good that you share your story. The grass always looks so green and long on someone else's lawn. This just shows we all experience things one way or the other.
Forest Gump was right, life IS like a box of chocolates. It's the sweet mixed with the bitter sweet.

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